The R100 Full Assessment


The Full Assessment is an in-depth examination of an organisation's policies and practices on the wide range of social, environmental and governance issues that Responsible 100 covers.

Organisations describe in full how they respond to the responsibility issue under examination. They set out what they do, often providing details or commentary as to their future plans too. They may link to their own websites and to other sources, and provide evidence and further detail as appropriate.

The Full Assessment offers businesses and other organisations the opportunity to paint a full picture of how different responsibility issues affect them, and to explain what they do in response, why and how.

Results may be shared internally, with other opted-in R100 participants, or publicly, according to the needs and preferences of the organisation.

Full Assessment Benefits

Benefits of the Full Assessment include:

  • A deeper understanding of the various social, environmental and ethical issues which affect business and wider society
  • A full evaluation of organisational performance issue by issue
  • Feedback and consultancy provided by the R100 team, and/or expert 'critical friend consultants', according to preference
  • Identifying better policies and practices as well as insight as to if, how and when to adopt them
  • Re-evaluating business values, aims and beliefs and the extent to which they are manifest in current practice and policy
  • Determining how well your organisation meets its own expectations and the expectations of its stakeholders
  • Making more informed, more effective, more efficient decisions about future direction and investment
  • Better understanding and better integrating the interests of society into business decisions

Prior to starting the Full Assessment, organisations are encouraged to first use the Instant Assessment.

Read How It Works to find out more about the Full Assessment.

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