How It Works: Roundtable Peer Reviews

R100 Roundtables offer enormously valuable opportunities for businesses and other organisations to learn from experts, practitioners and peers, to build relationships, to co-create, and improve performance.

Roundtables are conducted within a safe space and in a collaborative and supportive environment. They are out of the public gaze and media spotlight, under the Chatham House rule.

From 'Critical Friend' to 'Creative Collaborators'

The R100 Roundtable format is evolving. The 19 December meeting on social mobility will run differently from previous meetings in 2018 and 2017, when few format changes were made.

We will still embrace the inclusivity and diversity of experience and expertise as before. But we are seeking to develop the approach from conversation to co-creation, and the roles participants play from critical friends to creative collaborators.

Enhancing the benefits – during a two hour workshop:

  • Sharing the collective intelligence around the table to develop a deeper understanding of why social mobility is a problem worth solving for business and society – and what people need be willing and able to progress
  • Appreciating what really matters most and makes most difference to progressing social mobility: learning from when little or no difference has been made, and from what is ‘good and best’ practice – and why, exploring breakthrough initiatives inspiring us to innovate
  • Breaking-out to breakthrough – working in small teams, identifying opportunities and co-creating ideas
  • Together socialising and prioritising ideas with the greatest potential to progress social mobility
  • Collectively committing to working in partnership to develop, prototype, test and evaluate the best ideas
  • Activating Roundtable outputs – together implementing innovative interventions to progress social mobility, and sharing the learning from these ‘experiments’ to further develop our collective understanding of how best to engage and enable people to “get on and get up”

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