R100 Roundtable Peer Reviews

Roundtable Peer Reviews bring together a diverse group of individuals - including business practitioners, trade bodies, campaigners and NGOs, academics and government - for frank, constructive dialogue on the responsibility issues affecting business and wider society.

Under the Chatham House rule, roundtable participants discuss and debate a wide range of social, environmental, ethical and governance issues. Roundtables provide the opportunity for organisations to discuss latest best practices and latest thinking, innovations, likely directions of travel, and more.

There is a strong focus on collaboration and working together to reach a consensus as to good, better and best practices on the issue under examination.

Roundtable Benefits

The benefits of the roundtables include:

  • Learning from experts and practitioners from NGOs, academia, business and beyond
  • Sharing knowledge and views as to latest thinking, expertise and developments
  • Networking with peers, experts and practitioners
  • Being appraised on how well your organisation performs and receiving suggestions for improvements
  • Contributing to a deeper understanding as to good, better and best practices on any given issue
  • Generating new ideas and innovations, and practical changes that you can make in your business to improve

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