Responsible 100 Scorecards cover a wide range of social, environmental and governance issues. Businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors can use them to benchmark their performance and to better understand how well their responsibility policies and practices stack up. Click on one of the scorecards below to discover more.

Finance and Governance

Financial matters are usually critical to the profitability of a business. They are also often of vital importance to the role, character and purpose of a company and flow from the concept of governance: the means by which a business is structured, directed and controlled. Good governance is critical to a company’s ability to manage risk, identify opportunities and achieve and maintain commercial success. It has significant bearing on relations with stakeholders and wider society.

Questions in this topic

  1. Tax transparency
  2. Whistleblowing
  3. Board effectiveness
  4. Corporate culture
  5. Reporting cycles
  6. Executive pay
  7. Bribery & corruption
  8. Governance systems
  9. Corporate complexity