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Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs is a leading supplier of organic teas, wellbeing and foods. The founding principals of the company are inspired by Ayurveda (the traditional Indian health system), the principles of organic farming and ecological care. The company's operating principals are ethical and sustainable development. Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine emanating from India and widely used throughout the world. Ayurveda can be translated as the "Knowledge of Life" and deals with the measures of healthy living, along with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony.

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Business Vision

Pukka Herbs is dedicated to promoting healthy living. We want Ayurveda and traditional herbal medicine to be a part of everyone's primary healthcare.

We aspire to make a significant social, environmental and financial profit through promoting our health, understanding and enjoyment of life.

We work in an integrated, committed and collaborative manner with our suppliers, staff and customers to achieve this vision.

Business Mission

Through the incredible power of plants we will inspire people to lead a more conscious life. We will strive every day to help create a Pukka Planet benefitting people, plants and planet.

Business Aims & Objectives

To make a sustainable social, environmental and economic profit.

We aim to promote an integrated relationship between people and our natural world through our "field to shelf" practices.

Business philosophies and beliefs

Business must be profitable on the social, environmental and financial levels. At Pukka Herbs we are motivated by the principles of Ayurveda which includes living in balance with your environment. This inspires us to work only with organically certified ingredients, follow fair trade principles, trade ethically, have a traceable 'field to shelf' policy, and support vegetarian principles.

Business values

Our values are inspired by Ayurveda, herbal medicine and organic farming.

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