R100 Participant Profile

This Responsible 100 profile page presents some basic information about the participating organisation. R100 Scores and published policy and practice information is only available for organisations which have completed the full assessment.

Legal & General

We perform four very simple, but very important functions each and every day for our customers:

To enable customers to save for a pension which will provide them with an income for life in retirement;
To provide investment and savings products which allow individuals and families to plan for the future;
To pay out valid claims when a customer becomes ill, is unable to work or dies;
To pay out valid claims when a customer's home and its contents are lost or damaged.

We do this for 8 million customers in the UK and over one million overseas. Our business is designed to reflect the risk, savings and investment needs of our customers at various key stages of their lives. We believe that our products provide benefits to our customers and to society as a whole.

For 176 years, through the commitment of our people, we have consistently delivered high quality services and offered competitive, value for money products. We want to continue to provide people with financial solutions and services that allow them to plan for their future, to deal with the most exciting, critical or difficult financial moments in their lives.

Legal & General has attended 48 roundtables on:
Lobbying & Influence
Diversity in the Workplace
Human Trafficking
Executive Pay
Open & Free Internet
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Community Groups & Causes
Tax Transparency
Employee Engagement
Green ICT
Animal Testing
Employee Representation
Modern Slavery
Employees who are Carers
Transition to a Low Carbon Economy
Tax Policy
Board Effectiveness
Water Use
Measuring Culture
Circular Economy
Cyber Security
Reporting Cycles
Charitable Giving
Reducing Inequality
Delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting Local Economies
Work-Life Balance
Waste Management
Responsible AI
The Living Wage
Customer Complaint & Redress
Reducing Social Exclusion.

They also attended the R100 inaugural roundtable.

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Business Vision

Our vision is to be the outstanding risk, savings and investment management group.

To achieve our vision we will produce low cost, high quality products that reflect the needs of our customers at various key stages of their lives.

We are a complex business, with a broad distribution strategy. Therefore, we work hard, every day, to deliver on our promise to our customers and distribution partners to make financial security easier to achieve.

Why? Because, every day we help people make the decisions that matter, decisions that often define the future quality of their lives.

And, building positive long-term relationships with the people who buy and sell our products and services is crucial to the ongoing success of our business. We work hard to make sure that they all benefit from choosing us.

Business Mission

We make a promise that, everyday, we will help make financial security easier to achieve.

The current uncertain financial climate is the greatest concern for many people. Having financial provision and financial protection for everyday needs as well as the unexpected, is even more of a necessity.

Add to this the changing relationship between the individual and the traditional functions of the welfare state, and there is an urgent need for us to take a 'socially responsible' leadership position in our industry. We must act as a catalyst for economic improvement that benefits society at large.

We believe that, in addition to our role of delivering products and investment returns to our customers and shareholders, as a business, we have a responsibility to take a position of leadership in broader society. We must ensure that we relate to the day-to-day lives and concerns of our customers, and help guide any companies that we invest in to do the right thing. This is our social purpose.