Full R100 membership: benefits & fees

Benefits of full R100 membership

Organisations that wish to publish their answers on this website, repeatedly attend roundtable meetings, and/or display a R100 logo on their marketing materials are required to pay a fee. The benefits of full membership are manifold.

Thought Leadership

Organisations that support Responsible 100 are able to participate in roundtable meetings which are held once or twice per month. In doing so they are able to hear first-hand from others who support openness and honesty in business in general, while growing their networks. They also learn from other subject matter experts or those at the coal face inside businesses struggling to respond effectively to the social, environmental and/or ethical issue under examination. Learn more about roundtable meetings here.

Mapping & Benchmarking

The R100 process enables businesses to understand the social and environmental challenges they face; analyse their performance and benchmark against peers; identify better and best practices; and determine how well their values manifest in what they do across their organisation.

Dialogue & Feedback

Publicly reporting R100 businesses account for their actions and policies in their own words. They reveal how and why they make inevitable trade-offs to balance profit with wider social interests. They explain and justify the decisions they make and actions they take. Crucially, they offer stakeholders a means to feed-back and share ideas. They start a conversation. They invite inputs, ideas and comment which help them better understand their business from a variety of perspectives.

Better Decision-Making

R100 enables businesses to determine where they meet, surpass or fall short of expectations - their own, and their stakeholders’. They engage in mutually-supportive, mutually-beneficial dialogue and partnership with the people they serve. They’re able to make more informed, more inclusive decisions that effectively incorporate social, environmental and ethical concerns from society at large.


R100 provides real choice for consumers, employees and investors who want to help create and be part of a better kind of business. One where real responsibility drives business success.

Monthly fees for full R100 membership

Fees include:

  • Company name, logo and basic 'report card' published on the Participants page
  • Company name, logo and basic details displayed on the Reporting Businesses page, once an answer is published
  • Company name, logo and basic details displayed on a profile page, for example like Pukka Herb's, once an answer is published
Band A B C D E F G
Annual business turnover Up to £200k £200k to £1m £1m to £5m £5m to £25m £25m to £100m £100m to £200m £200m+
Participation fee per month £75 £110 £180 £300 £500 £1,000 £2,000
Number of roundtable meetings that may be attended per year* 1 1 2 3 5 7 10

*Additional roundtables may be attended at the monthly fee rate above, per additional meeting, if an answer is submitted for review at the meeting.

Civil society organisations that support the development of Responsible 100 in general, and the improvement of its questions and scorecards in particular, are not required to pay any fees.