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Responsible 100 is an exciting and ambitious initiative which any organisation or person can join. It is for all those that would like to make real responsibility increasingly achievable and increasingly beneficial for any business.

Benefits for individuals

With your support, R100 will soon provides real choice for consumers, employees and investors who want to help create and be part of a better kind of business. One where real responsibility drives business success.

Anyone can register, for free, with little more than their name and email address. With every new supporter, the business case for real openness and honesty grows.

Currently, R100 provides the means for people to comment on, rate, or challenge any answer published by those businesses which are already full members. A great deal more functionality for individual supporters is planned for the coming months. Please register now to help us deliver new tools all the sooner.

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Benefits for organisations

Registering your organisation is a first step on an exciting path. Responsible 100 provides a huge amount of its unique tool, process and growing bank of knowledge to any type of organisation for free.

We enable businesses - and civil society organisations such as charities and public bodies - to better understand the social and environmental challenges they face. We help you analyse your current performance and benchmark against your peers. We help you identify better and best practices, and determine how well your values are manifest in what you do across your organisation.

R100 enables organisations to determine where they meet, surpass or fall short of expectations - their own, and their stakeholders’. It enables them to make more informed, more inclusive decisions. We also provide thought leadership opportunities through our regular roundtable meetings.

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