Corporations & Large Businesses

Responsible 100 provides a range of services to corporations and large businesses.

We help businesses to be more responsible, and to benefit themselves, society and the environment as a result.

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Responsible 100 explores eight responsibility categories: Community, Environment, Ethical Choices, Finance and Governance, Human Rights, Marketplace Ethics, Technology, and Workforce. Within these, there are currently more than 50 separate issues on which we have developed detailed scorecards. Each scorecard provides a comprehensive account of what POOR, OKAY, GOOD and EXCELLENT performance looks like on the issue under examination. The R100 scorecard library constitutes an incredibly valuable resource for businesses and organisations seeking to better understand responsibility challenges, how well they respond, and what better and best practices look like. See the full issues list.
Responsible 100'S consultancy to large businesses includes a 1. materiality and gap assessment across these issues, 2. performance assessment and 3. improvement plans. We help you identify which issues matter most, then determine how well you currently perform. We then factor in the time and resources you have available, what your own goals and priorities are, and where it is possible to make the changes which result in the greatest positive impact. We provide a tailored improvement plan with clear and achievable milestones.
Responsible 100 works with investors and corporate sponsors to support impact startups and scaleups through venturing, incubating and accelerating, services we deliver working with a range of world class partners.
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Responsible 100 undertakes a wide variety of work with corporations and large businesses, a great deal of which we encourage and support you to shout about. We help organisations to effectively communicate the things they are doing well, and the areas in which they are improving. We fit our services to clients needs including PR strategy, press release writing, internal comms, traditional media targeting, social media targeting and more.
Responsible 100 roundtables bring together diverse groups - often including business practitioners, trade bodies, campaigners and NGOs, academics and government - for frank, constructive dialogue on the responsibility issues affecting business and wider society. They provide the deepest dive on any given responsibility issue. They are unique forums in which to workshop current policies and practices with 'critical friends'. Our roundtables are exceptional opportunities to explore problems and solutions with people who are passionate about making a difference. More here.
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Responsible 100 defines corporations and large businesses as those with 251 employees or more.

Further information regarding fees for corporations and large businesses is set out in our FAQs.