How We Do It

Responsible 100 Scorecards

The creation and development of scorecards underpin our work. A Responsible 100 scorecard is a written document or record that describes different standards of business policy and practice.

To date, scorecards have been written to explore more than 50 separate social, environmental, ethical and governance issues (see the current list here) which affect business and wider society. They seek to categorise all the policies and practices described by businesses and organisations in the information they submit to Responsible 100, as well as those observed in the wider world.

We compile and update records of POOR, OKAY, GOOD and EXCELLENT practices, issue by issue, on an ongoing basis. We seek to understand all responsibility issues according to this simple POOR, OKAY, GOOD, EXCELLENT scale, using these descriptive words in their normal, everyday sense. The key purpose of every Responsible 100 scorecard is to understand and describe what good and best practices look like, and if and how businesses can adopt them. (And what poor practices look like, and how to avoid them!)

The more that a scorecard is used or tested in the real world, the better informed and better evidenced it becomes, and thus the more useful it is. We create relative scales on each issue that we explore and we constantly assess the boundaries between POOR and OKAY, and between OKAY and GOOD, and between GOOD and EXCELLENT.

Numerical scores of 10, 40, 70 or 100 are assigned to POOR, OKAY, GOOD and EXCELLENT accordingly. See the "How are Responsible 100 scores calculated for each business?" FAQ for more.

Responsible 100's Key Services

Our scorecard development work feeds into and out of the following key activities and services we provide to organisations:

MATERIALITY & GAP ASSESSMENT We offer a simple and effective materiality analysis across a wide range of key social, environmental and ethical issues. We help any organisation to identify which issues matter most. We enable businesses to see where they have missed something important, and whether they are worrying about any issue which really has little bearing on what they do.
PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT With a clear understanding of the issues which are relevant, we then determine how well a client currently performs. We determine current performance as either POOR, OKAY, GOOD or EXCELLENT across all relevant issues. Overall results are converted into a score out of 100 to reveal how a business measures up, how it compares to its peers, and where improvements can be made.
IMPROVEMENT PLANS We next factor in the time and resources a client has available, what its own goals and priorities are, and where it is possible to make the changes which result in the greatest positive impact. We provide a tailored improvement plan with clear and achievable milestones.
PEER REVIEW ROUNDTABLES To better understand a responsibility issue, we provide roundtable meeting forums to workshop current policies and practices with “critical friends”. Our roundtables bring together business practitioners, trade bodies, campaigners, NGOs, academics, investors and government. Roundtables are exceptional opportunities to explore problems and solutions, speed of change and likely trajectory for emerging issues, and to share, learn and network, in a safe space, with people who are passionate about making a difference.
CONSULTANCY We offer consultancy and support for adoption and integration of improved policies and practices. Having helped to diagnose problems and areas of underperformance, and the appropriate solutions, our experts help clients to plan and deliver the required changes.
REPORTING & COMMUNICATING We help R100 organisations to effectively communicate the things they are doing well, and the areas in which they are improving. We do this across all communications and marketing channels as part of an integrated and managed campaign, or on an occasional or ad hoc bases, according to client requirements.
DEAL BROKERAGE Change is hard, especially in large and complex organisations. Sometimes the optimal deployment of resources to pursue the responsibility-as-a-driver-of-profitability mission is in providing support to smaller, nimbler businesses developing high potential ideas and technologies. R100 works with investors and corporate sponsors to support impact start ups and scale ups through venturing, incubating and accelerating delivered with a range of world class partners.
DIFFERENTIATION If we are to ever fix the world’s problems, we need the businesses pursuing commercial success in ways which positively impact people and planet to be the most successful. Support for R100 differentiates businesses and organisations which are unequivocal about the inadequacy of business as usual, and are unequivocal about helping to create and participate in a progressive capitalism.