About Us

Responsible 100 is a management tool for reducing risk, enhancing reputation and improving performance. And it is a community of organisations and people working together to create a better business for a better world.

Responsible 100 enables any business or organisation to improve its responsibility performance - for its own benefit and for the benefit of society.

We work with any business or organisation committed to ongoing improvement, no matter its size or sector, and regardless of how far along its responsibility journey it has progressed. The essential characteristics are that it:

  • Is willing to benchmark its performance as POOR, OKAY, GOOD or EXCELLENT, eventually on every social, environmental and ethical issue affecting it and its stakeholders.

  • Commits to openness and honesty. In time, it will be able to explain and justify everything it does. First, internally across its organisation. Second, with other opted in R100 organisations. And finally, to the public at large.

  • Strives for a net positive impact. That is, to increase its positive impacts on people and planet, and decrease its negative impacts, as quickly and as widely as possible.

  • Is driven by a purpose beyond financial success. Yes, it seeks to deliver goods and services at the right price and quality and turn a profit, but with a clear ambition to make the world a better place whilst doing so.

The success of businesses truly committed to making the world a better place is critical for our collective future. Responsible 100 seeks to serve these organisations, and all those who wish to see them succeed.