What is Responsible 100?

A growing body of evidence indicates that responsibility drives profit and is critical to long term business success.

We believe that any business can improve its responsibility performance and benefit itself and wider society at the same time. The purpose of Responsible 100 is to provide the insight and tools required to do this.

Businesses are increasingly held to account by governments, customers and employees. By joining R100, an organisation is telling the world in the clearest way possible that:

  • It is willing to benchmark their performance as POOR, OKAY, GOOD or EXCELLENT, eventually on every social, environmental and ethical issue affecting it and its stakeholders.
  • It commits to openness and honesty. In time, it will be able to explain and justify everything it does. First, internally across its organisation. Second, with other opted in R100 organisations. And finally, to the public at large.

While not strictly required to participate, some of the other key qualities R100 participants appear to share include:

  • The ambition to be net positive. That is to increase their positive impacts on people and planet, and decreasing their negative impacts, as quickly and as widely as possible, until they are ‘net positive’.
  • Their purpose. Yes, it is to deliver goods and services at the right price and quality and turn a profit. But equally, or perhaps more so, is a clear ambition to make the world a better place.

Arguably, Responsible 100 provides the first opportunity for ANY business or organisation to prove and demonstrate these values and qualities, no matter which sectors it operates in nor where it may be on its responsibility journey.

We believe that the success of businesses truly committed to making the world a better place is critical for our collective future.