About Us

When being socially and environmentally responsible becomes the profit-maximising option, business will realise its enormous potential to make the world a better place.

Responsible 100's purpose is to be a catalyst in this.

Truly responsible businesses are those committed to:

  • increasing their positive impacts on people and planet
  • decreasing their negative impacts, and
  • eradicating the exploitation of vulnerable groups

We think most people want these business to grow and prosper. For themselves, their families and their future.

We also believe that most employees, managers and business leaders want this too. As do the investors, suppliers and other stakeholders critical to the health and prosperity of any company.

Responsible 100 provides tools to help businesses to determine which responsibility issues they should tackle most urgently, to measure and benchmark their performance, and to improve.

It is also a movement to empower people to identify and reward responsible businesses and create the critical economic incentives that will enable real change. Together, we help businesses to improve their responsibility performance, gain reward for doing so, and thus be able to sustain or increase their efforts.

Our aim is to create a race to the top, where businesses still compete on price and quality, but they ALSO compete on the extent to which they can impact positively on people and planet.