What is Responsible 100?

Responsible 100 is a business tool and a growing social movement. It is for everyone who wants business to create and be part of a better world.

Responsible 100 is for businesses which are open and honest on a wide range of important social, environmental and ethical issues. It empowers people - as consumers and employees - to identify and support those businesses.

It enables businesses to benchmark their performance on important responsibility issues, for internal use, for external reporting or both. It is for stakeholder feedback and dialogue. It provides thought leadership. It enables better decision-making. It differentiates businesses which balance the pursuit of profit with the interests of people and planet.

Businesses are not expected to somehow be perfect, it is unhelpful to think they ever can be. They are simply required to determine whether their various responsibility practices are POOR, OKAY, GOOD or EXCELLENT.

Responsible 100 businesses are of all sizes and sectors. While they operate across very different markets and come in all shapes and sizes, they have certain characteristics in common as outlined below.

We are not in the business of making the world a better place AMBITION & PURPOSE We must deliver goods and services at the right price and quality, make profits, AND make the world a better place
We are selectively transparent and occasionally accountable OPEN & HONEST We are open and honest, we are prepared to explain and justify all the things we do
While we may give the impression that our positive impacts are of greater magnitude than our negative impacts, in reality they are not NET POSITIVE We will increase our positive impacts on people and planet, and decrease our negative impacts, as widely and as fast as we possibly can
We claim to be responsible but we don’t offer any proof TRUSTWORTHY We back up the claims we make

See also the HOW and the WHY of Responsible 100 in this About section.