The R100 team

Responsible 100 builds relationships with businesses and other organisations that wish to support and join the initiative.

We also maintain and develop this website platform to house and improve questions and scorecards and enable organisations to draft and submit answers, score and benchmark their performance, and go on to publish their scores and answers if they wish to.

The organisation's profile on this website can be viewed here.

Michael Solomon, Managing Director
Michael is the founder of Responsible 100 and manages the organisation day to day.
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Dr Clare Hall, Policy Lead
Clare has led on the development of many of the Responsible 100 questions, scorecards and partnerships.
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Eve McQuillan, Policy Officer
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Emma Jones, Policy Officer
Emma researches the various responsibility issues that R100 explores and organises roundtable meetings.
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Malcolm Bacchus, Financial and Strategic Adviser
Malcolm brings his wealth of experience to Responsible 100 in general and to the finances in particular.
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Adrian Henriques, Advisor
Adrian is a highly experienced sustainability professional who advises on corporate responsibility, social accountability and sustainability for a wide range of organisations.
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Alexander Appelmans, Business Development Officer
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Alex Marriage, Paid Intern
Alex has previously worked as a researcher and campaigner on tax justice and international development issues and contributed to influential campaigns. View Alex’s profile on LinkedIn.